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Man Shocked When Wife Tells Him She’s Pregnant

May 22, 2013

“After a few days of feeling funny, I decided on my own to take a pregnancy test while my husband Rob was at work. I was doing the test just to ease my mind and was NOT expecting the immediate positive result that I ended up seeing! After a few trips back to CVS and several more tests, there was no denying it. That day happened to be our anniversary so I got a card and taped a pic of the positive test on the back and signed it “love, mom and baby” so that when he turned the card over he would be just as surprised as I was!”

-Megan M.


Woman Tells Family and Friends, One-By-One, That She’s Pregnant

April 30, 2013

“See what happens when we record our friends and family and tell them we are having our first baby. Funny reactions!”


Mom and Sister Pose for Photo, Find Out There’s a Baby on the Way!

April 22, 2013

“Mum and sister thought we were taking a photo. Little did they know we were taking a video of the big news!”

-Mike K.


Woman Surprises Family with Pregnancy Through Custom Wine Bottle Labels

April 04, 2013

“After having a miscarriage last year, my husband and I were beyond excited to surprise our families with the news we were 10 weeks pregnant at Christmas. We made a label for “baby H ” and put it on wine bottles for them to open. The only problem with this when you’re from an Italian family is everyone just thinks you started making your own wine!”

-Angela H.