June 21, 2012

“Here is the way we announced to my family that we were going to have our first baby. We made a special trip up from Georgia to Pennsylvania for two days to make the announcement. This is my sister and my mom opening the gifts. Sorry if I sound a little bossy in the video, I wanted everything to be perfect. We were trying for over two years and were even told that we probably couldn’t have children without fertility help. It couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was thrilled. We didn’t have any ultrasound pictures at this time (I was only 6 weeks along), so we took a pregnancy test that showed the two positive lines and my husband had a really artsy picture that he took and we made unique frames for each member of the family that said “World’s Best Aunt and Uncle” and “World’s Best Appie and Grandpa.” (Appie is what my mom wants to be called.)”